New ISN Partner: FRIDE

FRIDE (the Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior) is a European think tank for global action, which provides innovative thinking and rigorous analysis of key debates in international relations. Its mission is to inform policy and practice in order to ensure that the EU plays a more effective role in supporting multilateralism, democratic values, security and sustainable development.

FRIDE benefits from political independence and the diversity of views and intellectual background of its international team. Based in the vibrant city of Madrid, FRIDE seeks to enhance the southern European perspective within EU debates and the European perspective within Spain.

Its main contribution to international debates stems from its empirical research on:

• The development and promotion of democracy
• The increasing role of emerging powers
• The role of international development cooperation in advancing universal values
• Global governance and multilateralism
• The complexity of threats to peace and security
• Fragile states and energy security


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Filtering the ISN to fit your needs – Find Information

Find information

With over thirty thousand content objects in a variety of formats, the ISN holds a vast repository of data on international security research. But how do find what you’re looking for?

To enable you to locate articles, publications or podcasts for your specific area of interest, the ISN provides a filtering tool called “Find information”. The “Find information” box is located on the top right of the ISN website. First, select the most important criterion for your research, either subject or region. After clicking on your item of choice, you are presented with the topmost level of region or subject matter. To narrow down your research area, you can choose a more focused region in the tree view in the left pane. In the example below, we first chose “Africa” as a region and then narrowed the search to “Southern Africa”.

Easily filter by regions
Define the main criteria for your search and easily enhance the filtering.

You could also narrow down the region even further. e.g. by choosing Angola or Comoros, but we will leave this for now and turn to the second filtering option, by subject. The subject tree is right above the region tree in the left pane. Clicking on a subject now will add this filter to the already selected region.

New ISN Partner: Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC)

We, the ISN family, gladly announce and welcome the Chronic Poverty Research Centre as a new partner.

The Chronic Poverty Research Centre (CPRC) is an international partnership of universities, research institutes and NGOs that exists to focus attention on chronic poverty. It was established in 2000 with initial funding from the UK’s Department for International Development and is based in Manchester, UK. It aims to stimulate national and international debate; deepen understanding of the causes of chronic poverty; and provide research, analysis and policy guidance that will contribute to its reduction.

CPRC expects its research and analysis to result in policy relevant findings which will be useful to all those working to combat poverty. This includes people in community level organizations, government and official agencies, NGOs, political parties, other researchers, the media, trade unions and the private sector.

The people who should ultimately benefit from CPRC’s research are those whose deprivation is sustained over many years and who are least likely to benefit from current national and international development efforts.

CPRC research themes aim to deepen our understanding of poverty dynamics and, in particular, our consideration of the nature, causes and remedies of chronic poverty, including:

  • Conceptualization of poverty dynamics and persistent poverty;
  • Empirical approaches to the study of poverty dynamics and economic mobility;
  • Empirical approaches to the study of the inter-generational transmission of poverty;
  • Insecurity, risk and vulnerability;
  • Assetlessness, low returns and inequality;
  • Adverse incorporation and social exclusion; and
  • Gender.

In the past, CPRC research has considered:

  • how chronic poverty can best be understood – through measurement,  “participatory” research, or other approaches
  • the characteristics of chronic poverty – in relation to other concepts such as the “ultrapoor”, inter-generational poverty, relative poverty, and durable poverty
  • the causes of chronic poverty, including: culture, social relations, agency and identity.

We are very happy to have the Chronic Poverty Research Centre as part of the International Relations and Security Network and look forward to a fruitful and mutually enriching cooperation.


New ISN Partner: SAGE International

The latest ISN Partner

We are happy to announce that SAGE International has joined the ISN’s worldwide partner network.

Lead by Dr John Bruni, SAGE is an independent, non-profit virtual think tank, consultancy and education service provider based in South Australia. It combines the talents of an interdisciplinary network of Australian and international scholars and researchers analyzing contemporary statecraft and strategy, especially the interface of political, psychological and philosophical motivations and the application of force.

The ISN Digital Library now includes SAGE’s publication series “Ideas and Concepts” with a recent paper on the difficulties of Iran’s foreign policy in Lebanon and another one on Julian Assange entitled “Neither Saint nor Sinner”.

Welcome on board, SAGE International!