A Reading List on: Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

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The world has entered the digital age. We rely on the internet for information, communication and so much more; and technology influences almost every aspect of modern society, from personal banking to the management of global conflict.   As an area of academic study, ‘cybercrime’ is still very much in the initial stages of development, as even the experts struggle to come to terms with ever-quickening pace of technological change and proliferation.  This syllabus provides insight into some of the sources currently available on cybercrime and cybersecurity (with an additional focus on the controversial issue of ‘cyberwarfare’).

Recent Journal Articles

  Defending a New Domain: The Pentagon’s Cyberstrategy
William J Lynn III
Foreign Affairs
September/October 2010
  The Council of Europe’s Cyber Crime Treaty: An Exercise in
Symbolic Legislation

Nancy E Marion
International Journal of Cyber Criminology

July/December 2010
  Stuxnet: Cyberwar Revolution in Military Affairs
Paulo Shakarian
Small Wars Journal

April 2011
  Cyber Warfare and the Crime of Aggression
Jonathon Ophardt
Duke Law and Technology Review

February 2010

Other Essays and Commentaries

“Cyber Attacks, Real or Imagined, and Cyber War”
James Lewis
Center for Strategic and International Studies

July, 2011
  “Building a Cyber Secure Plant”
Eric Byrnes
Totally Integrated Automation

September, 2010
“War in the Fifth Domain”
Matt Murphy
The Economist

July, 2010
  “Hacker Highway”
Anthony Sibillin

March, 2010

New and Upcoming Texts

On Cyber Warfare
Paul Cornish, David Livingstone,
Dave Clemente and Claire Yorke;
Chatham House/Brookings Institution Press, 2011
Cybercrime: The Investigation, Prosecution and
Defense of Computer Related Crime

Ralph D Clifford (ed.)
Carolina Academic Press, 2011
Robert Moore;
Elsevier, 2011
Cybercrime and Espionage
Will Gragido and John Pirc;
Elsevier, 2011
Principles of Cybecrime
Jonathon Clough
Cambridge University Press, 2010
Internet Governance in an Age of Cyber Insecurity
Robert K Knake;
Council on Foreign Relations/Brookings institutions Press, 2010

Sources being taught*


Introduction to Computer Security
Michael Goodrich and Roberta Tamassia
Addison Wesley, 2011

‘Lessons from the First Great Cyberwar Era’
A M Rutkowski
Info, Vol 12, No 1, Feb 2010

‘Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency’
Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2008

W32.Stuxnet Dossier
N Falliere, L O Murchu, Eric Chein
Symantec Security Response, 2011

Cyber Security and International Agreements
Abraham Sofaer, David Clark, Whitfield Diffie
National Research Council, 2010

*Selected from Professor John Savage’s Spring 2011 course on Cyber Security and International Relations at Brown University, United States.

Recent Reports and Surveys

“Reducing Systematic Cybersecurity Risk”
Peter Sommer, Ian Brown

January, 2011
  “Cyber Events Since 2006”
James Lewis
Center for Strategic and International Studies

July, 2011
Cyber Security Two Years Later
Centre for Strategic and International Studies

January, 2011
  “2011 EECTF European Cybercrime Survey”
European Electronic Crime Task Force

Official International Documents

Council of Europe’s Convention on Cybercrime

The ISN’s own Digital Library contains further sources:

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