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The Belt and Road Initiative in Europe

This graphic maps China’s infrastructure investment in Europe related to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), including planned and completed railroads, ports and bridges, among other projects.

For an insight into the implications of China’s BRI and targeted influence attempts for Europe, read Linda Maduz and Henrik Larsen’s Strategic Trends 2020 chapter here.

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GDP Based on Purchasing Power Parity in China and the US

This graphic compares the gross domestic product (GDP) of China to that of the US between 1990 and today. Although China has become the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP based on purchasing power parity (PPP), the United States remains ahead in terms of GDP per capita based on PPP.

For more on China, the US and the world order, read Jack Thompson’s Strategic Trends 2020 chapter here.

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EU Foreign Direct Investment Screening: Protecting Strategic Assets and Technology During the Corona Crisis

Image courtesy of François Genon/Unsplash

This blog belongs to the CSS’ coronavirus blog series, which forms a part of the center’s analysis of the security policy implications of the coronavirus crisis. See the CSS special theme page on the coronavirus for more.

The criticality of medical goods and volatility of European economies resulting from the corona crisis increase the risk of opportunistic acquisitions of strategic assets and technology via foreign direct investments (FDI). The EU Commission and Member States are stepping up the protection of European economies to contain the fallout of the crisis.

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Imports to Switzerland

As a highly developed, landlocked resource-poor country that relies on imports for many vital commodities and services, Switzerland is comparatively vulnerable to disruptions of supply. This graphic provides an overview of a selected number of such imports and more.

To find out about how Switzerland attempts to ensure the supply of essential goods and services in times of crises, read Andrin Hauri’s CSS Analyses in Security Policy ‘National Economic Supply as an Emergency Precaution.’

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Russia’s Economy

This graphic highlights Russia’s political and economic performance relative to other post-Soviet states. For more on Russia’s economy, read Russian Analytical Digest No. 241: Russia’s Economy.