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ISN Weekly Theme: Nigeria Navigates Turbulent Times

Niger Delta picture from space

The Niger Delta from space, north is to the left

Africa’s most populous country is staring down scrutiny from outside and political turmoil – not to mention fractious intra-state conflict – from within. Now the question remains: Can this fragile, young democracy turn turbulence into triumph?

This Special Report contains the following content:

  • An Analysis by Center for Security Studies’ senior researcher Jennifer Giroux examines the rocky political terrain acting President Goodluck Jonathan must navigate – and the tremendous opportunities he holds to help put this young democracy on a path to peace.
  • A Podcast interview with activist Annkio Briggs explores the troubled history of, and lack of development in, the Niger Delta region.
  • Security Watch stories about Nigeria’s troubled political leadership, sectarian violence, illicit arms trade and much more.
  • Publications housed in our Digital Library, including a US Army War College paper that examines whether oil exports fuel defense spending, while another analysis asks whether Nigeria provides a prime example of the ‘resource curse.’
  • Primary Resources, like Nigerian National Planning Commission reports on topics ranging from the Niger Delta to foreign policy.
  • Links to relevant websites, like MEND’s official web platform and National Geographic’s insight into the impact of Nigerian oil on society and security.
  • Our IR Directory with relevant organizations, including the Lagos-based Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and the Africa Strategic and Peace Research Group.

GOP – Quo Vadis?

Rocky Road sign / photo: Sara Kuepfer

Any successful political movement or party requires enlightened leadership. And especially after suffering political defeat, a self-critical evaluation of the party’s mistakes is needed to get the party back on its feet – and on a solid ideological footing.

I am not saying that the GOP lacks spokesmen. The diatribes of the Rush Limbaughs and the Sarah Palins are omnipresent. But I can’t see much leadership, not to mention an “enlightened” one. » More

The ISN Quiz: Rethinking Environmental (In)Security

Take note of your environment as you’re taking the latest ISN Quiz, featuring this week’s theme: Rethinking Environmental (In)Security.



Russian and Eurasian Security Network

Russian and Eurasian Security Network

Russian and Eurasian Security Network

We are happy to announce that the Russian and Eurasian Security Network (RES) has launched a Facebook fan page.

The RES is a global initiative of leading academic institutes, think-tanks, NGOs and media organizations. It offers a framework for studying security-related developments in Russia and the states of the Eurasian region. The RES hosts two original content publications which can be subscribed to via newsletter; the Russian Analytical Digest (RAD) and the Caucasus Analytical Digest (CAD).

The RES Facebook fan page is a place to discuss our publications and share your thoughts on developments in Russia and Eurasia. We aim to encourage greater dialog among analysts, policymakers and academics interested in the Russian and Eurasian region and invite you to join the discussion!

New ISN Partner: Petrospot Limited

Petrospot - Transport, Energy & Maritime Intelligence

Petrospot Limited, a publishing, training and events organization focused on the maritime, energy and transport industries, has joined the International Relations and Security Network (ISN) as a partner.

Based in Oxfordshire, England, Petrospot was established in May 2003 by Llewellyn Bankes-Hughes (Managing Director). He is supported by Ian Taylor (Director – Publishing), Luci Llewellyn-Jones (Director – Events), Lesley Bankes-Hughes (Company Secretary – Associate Editor), Luke Hallam Evans (Sales Manager) and Alison Jane Cutler (Design & Marketing Manager).

Petrospot publishes two leading international magazines, Bunkerspot and Cargo Security International. Each is fully supported by 24/7 electronic news services. The company also organizes international conferences, conducts training courses and seminars and publishes books on marine fuels.

Welcome on board, Petrospot!

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