This Week at the ISN…

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It's week 28 on our editorial calendar, Photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr

This week the ISN will highlight the following topics:

  • In our ISN Insight for Monday, Dr Shalva Weil of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem investigates the history and disappearance of the largely unknown Jewish presence in Pakistan during much of the 20th century.
  • We feature a partner event on Tuesday: the upcoming US Institute of Peace conference on North Korea.
  • Wednesday’s ISN Insight explores the reasons behind the Czech Republic’s recent decision to scrap plans to participate in the US anti-ballistic missile defense system, thanks to a commentary from the founder and executive editor of Transitions Online, Jeremy Druker.
  • We’ll highlight an interactive map with a discussion of Pakistan as a potentially failed state on Thursday.
  • And our Friday podcast will discuss the current bloodshed in Sudan’s South Kordofan.

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