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It's week 26 on our editorial calendar, Photo: Anna Armstrong/flickr

Coming up this week in ISN Insights:

  • On Monday, US space policy is under the microscope in an article from Washington, DC-based independent journalist Peter Buxbaum.
  • Professor Bob Ash of SOAS analyzes China’s changing consumption patterns on Tuesday to help determine who’s gained and lost during the country’s economic boom.
  • On Wednesday, Sofia University’s Professor Plamen Pantev examines Turkey’s foreign policy and geopolitical priorities in the wake of the 12 June elections.
  • And the Foreign Policy Association’s chief health blogger Cynthia Schweer investigates the changing logistical and political landscape of humanitarian aid on Thursday.

And in case you missed our special coverage of Chinese foreign relations all last week, you can catch up here with articles on: evolving China-Pakistan relations; shifting power dynamics in the relationship between China and Taiwan; dual-track EU-China relations; and China’s machinations within the BRICS grouping.

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