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It's week 18 on our editorial calendar, Photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr

Coming up this week in our ISN Insights coverage:

On Monday, Washington, DC-based intelligence analyst Anna Dunin takes on the thriving business of mercenarism in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Jamestown Foundation’s Roman Muzalevsky analyzes the potential impact of the Arab uprisings on Central Asian authoritarianism, on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, The Graduate Institute’s Paolo Cravero examines Italy’s sagging democracy under the weight of Berlusconi.

Dr Rupakjyoti Borah of Manipal University takes a closer look at India’s thirst for nuclear energy despite the cautionary tale of Fukushima – and how Australia could help quench it, on Thursday.

And in case you missed any of last week’s articles, you can find them here on: Gaddafi’s influence in sub-Saharan Africa; controversy over UNESCO’s declaration that Rachel’s tomb is a mosque; the case for UN reconsideration of the Zimbabwean matter; and a podcast on asylum seekers’ rights and states’ responsibilities to them.

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