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It's week 17 on our 2011 editorial calendar, Photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr

With the Easter holiday behind us, ISN Insights returns to our weekday coverage starting today:

  • Tuesday’s article was researched on the ground in Kigali by Jon Rosen, who examines Gaddafi’s legacy as a steadfast patron of sub-Saharan African governments.
  • Dr Shalva Weil of Hebrew University explores the ancient history surrounding the Tomb of Rachel on Wednesday – a site that UNESCO declared a mosque last year, further heightening tensions.
  • On Thursday we welcome an opinion piece about why the UN should reconsider punitive measures against Zimbabwe, by Michael Walsh of Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
  • And Susin Park, head of the UNHCR Office for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, discusses the UNHCR’s mandate to safeguard the rights and well-being of asylum seekers and refugees in our Friday podcast.

You can also catch-up on last week’s articles here: on the Libyan ‘test‘ for India’s foreign policy; the growing attraction of more community health workers in the developing world; the power and dangers of Rio’s new Police Pacification Units; and the fiscal policy shenanigans of Europe’s central bankers.

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