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It's week 16 on our 2011 editorial calendar, Photo: Christian Johannesen/flickr

Here’s a preview of what’s coming up this week in ISN Insights:

  • On Monday Dr Dean Baker – co-director of the Center for Economic Policy Research – opines about the European Central Bank’s fiscal policy failings in the wake of the financial crisis.
  • The Kofi Annan Foundation’s Albert Souza Mulli on Tuesday takes a closer look at Rio de Janeiro’s new Police Pacification Units – and the doctrinal and operational shift away from police ‘business as usual’ that they represent.
  • On Wednesday, the Foreign Policy Association’s senior health blogger, Cynthia Schweer, discusses community health worker programs as a possible solution to healthcare employee shortages in the developing world.
  • Dr Harsh Pant of King’s College London examines India’s struggle to balance strategic interests against national values in its support for the ongoing Libyan intervention on Thursday.

And in case you missed any of last week’s coverage, you can catch up here with articles on: fallout from the Haitian presidential election; the 50th anniversary of human space flight; turbulence ahead of Finland’s general elections; the EU’s response to endemic corruption in Romania; tension surrounding Sudan’s disputed Abyei province; and a podcast on chronic poverty.

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