This Week at the ISN…

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It's week 31 on our 2011 editorial calendar, Photo: mag3737/flickr

This truncated week of ISN coverage starts today, following Monday’s Swiss National Holiday:

  • On Tuesday, the growing private-public partnership to enhance virtual cyber-range techniques is under the ISN Insights’ microscope.
  • Wednesday’s ISN Insights article — by Dr Rupak Borah of the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations at Manipal University, India — addresses the question: Is a China-India thaw in the offing?
  • ISN Insights examines the gender-specific roles and challenges faced by female child soldiers with help from Cassandra Clifford, founder and executive director of the Bridge to Freedom Foundation in Washington, DC.
  • And Friday’s podcast discusses Bolivia’s growing economic woes.

And in case you missed any of last week’s coverage, you can catch up here on: America’s economic decline; humanitarian interventionism; global drug policy reform; the rise of Bitcoin; and terrorism as a political instrument.

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