This Week at the ISN…

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It's week 40 on the ISN's 2011 editorial calendar, Photo: Jon Jordan/flickr

We’ll highlight the following topics:

  • In ISN Insights on Monday, Jody Bennett uncovers a little known US-Saudi defense deal to keep revolution in the Kingdom at bay
  • On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the security situation in northern Kosovo in the context of Serbia’s relationship with the EU
  • In Wednesday’s ISN Insight, Simon Saradzhyan of Harvard’s Belfer Center examines the implications of Putin’s return to the Kremlin
  • On Thursday, we continue our Great IR Thinkers series with: Kenneth Waltz
  • In Friday’s ISN podcast, Myriam Dunn discusses the real and imagined dangers of cyber warfare

And in case you missed any of last week’s coverage, you can catch up here on: China’s space policy; security curves and neorealism; organized crime and social media in Latin America; Islamic fundamentalist recruitment online; and democracy and change in Liberia

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