ISN Weekly Theme: Sudan Looks Ahead

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Sudan's long and winding path to peace, photo: WTL, flickr

With national elections just days away, a big push for peace in Darfur in recent weeks and a referendum on southern independence slated for next year, Africa’s largest country faces ample opportunities to usher in democratic reforms – or sink further into political turmoil.

This ISN Special Report contains the following content on the Sudan:

  • David Lanz of swisspeace provides an Analysis of the promises and pitfalls of national elections in this vast, challenging political landscape.
  • Julie Flint talks about why peace has remained elusive in Darfur in our Podcast interview.
  • Security Watch stories about US-Sudan relations, the ‘Bashir burden’ and his ICC indictments and much more.
  • Publications housed in our Digital Library, like recent papers from the International Crisis Group, the Atlantic Community and the US Congressional Research Service on the prospects for peace in the election’s wake.
  • Primary Resources, including the UN Secretary General’s reports to the Security Council on the Sudan.
  • Links to relevant websites, among them UNHCR’s web platform on the Sudan-Chad refugee crisis.
  • Our IR Directory with relevant organizations, like the Harvard-based World Peace Foundation, dedicated to advancing the cause of peace through study, analysis and advocacy in numerous countries, including the Sudan.

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