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The Impact and Implications of the Coronavirus Crisis: Global Perspectives

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Image courtesy of the CDC/Unsplash

This blog belongs to the CSS’ coronavirus blog series, which forms a part of the center’s analysis of the security policy implications of the coronavirus crisis. See the CSS special theme page on the coronavirus for more.

What impact is the coronavirus crisis having on international relations and security? How are different global actors responding to the pandemic? What are the implications of the crisis for the future? To help further discussion on these questions and more, we have here collected together analyses produced by the CSS Resources’ network of think tanks and other organizations on the coronavirus. We have also listed relevant sources to help keep you up to date on the situation in Switzerland.

As the crisis continues to develop, we will also continue to update this blog with new articles.

Politics, International Relations and Global Governance


Human Security


Global Health




Information and Trust


Countries and Regions











Southeast and East Asia


Middle East

The Center for Security Studies (CSS) is investigating the medium and long-term consequences of the corona crisis through two research projects. One project focuses on national and international crisis management. The other addresses the effects of the crisis on international relations and national and international security policy. To find out more, see the CSS special theme page on corona.

For more information on issues and events that shape our world, please visit the CSS website.

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