Our Holiday Breather

Our Christmas socks
Our Christmas socks

It’s the midst of holiday time, a time when those of us partaking of the festivities enjoy the fruits of the holiday season. It’s also the time when we, hopefully, consider the ripple effects of our consumption.

ISN Security Watch examines the effects of scarcity and abundance with three articles. In Reaping What Children Sow Julianne Geiger and Jen Alic research the path that your new outfit may have taken to reach your closet. Vivian Fritschi reviews reports suggesting that global actors will move in on dwindling resources in Rattling the Resource Chain, and Emilie Boillat says that because of gains made in technology, too much information may actually be a good thing, in A Feast of Abundance.

Please note that we are on a publishing break until 5 January.

We wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season.