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All Eyes on Libya

Libyan Uprising, by Libyan_Uprising.svg: Rafy, en:User:Interchange88 derivative work: (Libyan_Uprising.svg) [CC0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Libyan Uprising (Source WikiCommons)

How do you follow the situation in Libya? Where do you get your background information from?

Here is a selection of fascinating links we’ve come across:

We’ve missed your favourite source of information? Leave us a comment!

3 Responses to “All Eyes on Libya”

  1. Have a look at the ICT4Peace Foundation’s Libya crisi wiki, which is particularly interesting for people working in the area of humanitarian aid:

  2. I think the International Crisis Group (ICG) website also rates a mention here. It does not have much on Libya itself, but provides great insight into the wider questions confronting authoritarian transition regimes in the Middle-East North Africa region and its commentary is always highly practical, emphasising innovative but workable solutions.

  3. You should have a look at – they have a few very good pieces on Libya, including maps and comments by military experts.