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It's week 15 on our 2011 editorial calendar, Photo: Don Shall/flickr

Here’s a peek at our ISN Insights line-up for the week:

  • On Monday, Dr Markus Schultz-Kraft from the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex outlines a path toward better governance for Haiti in the wake of Michel Martelly’s election.
  • University of St Andrews Professor Gerard DeGroot reflects Tuesday on the 50-year anniversary of the first manned-space flight – and cautions emerging powers to develop smarter space policies than their Western counterparts.
  • On Wednesday, Dr Teija Tiilikainen, director of the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, analyzes the turbulence that has preceded Finland’s 17 April general elections.
  • Press Freedom Award-winning journalist Anca Paduraru on Thursday investigates the recent crackdowns on endemic corruption in Romania, which are widely perceived to be little more than ‘show operations’ designed to appease an uneasy EU.
  • Friday’s podcast takes a closer look at chronic poverty, thanks to an interview with Dr Andrew Shepherd of the Chronic Poverty Research Center.

And if you missed any of our special coverage of Euro-Muslim relations last week courtesy of our 2010 Junior Associates, you can catch up here with articles about: Islamophobia’s sources and cures; counter-radicalization policy in a divided Britain; EU-Maghreb counterterrorism cooperation; and Turkey’s geostrategic role in Euro-Muslim relations.

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