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It's week 19 on our editorial calendar, Photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr

Coming up this week in our ISN Insights coverage:

On Monday, the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute’s John CK Daly analyzes how the nuclear tragedy in Japan could influence the territorial dispute over the Kurile Islands.

We’ll have an article on US military retention problems on Tuesday; while India’s space ascent will be the topic of Wednesday. The likelihood that Osama bin Laden’s death will in fact stem future Islamic terrorism will be assessed on Thursday.

We’ll finish the week with an ISN podcast with Dr Istifanus Zabadi, Dean of the African Center for Strategic Research and Studies (based at Nigeria’s National War College), who discusses conflict resolution and domestic politics in Nigeria.

You can also catch-up on last week’s articles here: on the thriving business of mercenarism in sub-Saharan Africa; the potential impact of the Arab uprisings on Central Asian authoritarianism; Italy’s sagging democracy under the weight of Berlusconi; how Australia could help quench India’s thirst for nuclear energy; and a podcast on the nuclear non proliferation treaty and progress toward its enforcement.

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