This Week at the ISN…

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It's week 32 on our editorial calendar, Photo: teotwawki/flickr

This week the ISN takes on the following topics:

  • Monday’s ISN Insights package unearths the root causes of conflict in the resource-rich Niger Delta, as tensions mount against the backdrop of a shaky 2009 government amnesty deal with militants.
  • An ISN Special Feature on Tuesday examines critical cartography and aesthetics in International Relations.
  • Wednesday we’ll present an ISN Reading Syllabus on military interventionism.
  • An ISN Special Feature on Thursday takes a closer look at the state of global governance in the fight against terrorism funding.
  • And on Friday, we’ll offer up another podcast interview.

    And in case you missed any of last week’s special coverage, catch up here on: advances in cyber-range capabilities; early signs of a Sino-Indian rapprochement; the special plight of girl soldiers; and Bolivia’s economic woes.

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