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Week 39
It's Week 39 on the ISN's editorial calendar, Photo: f3lx/flickr

We’ll be highlighting the following topics:

  • In ISN Insights on Monday, Gerard de Groot asks: as US space programs are winding down their operational capabilities, what exactly are the Chinese doing with their rockets?
  • Tuesday we explore the implications of David Fiammenghi’s article in the Spring Issue of International Security, “The Security Curve and the Structure of International Politics: A Neorealist Synthesis”
  • On Wednesday, Sam Logan reports from Mexico about how social media is being harnessed to fight back against criminal organizations’ stranglehold on traditional media outlets.
  • On Thursday, we take a closer look at Islamic fundamentalist recruitment online
  • In Friday’s ISN Podcast, Ambassador Winston Tubman discusses democracy and change in Liberia

And in case you missed any of last week’s coverage, you can catch up here on: Australia’s military capabilities; islands and the changing face of sovereignty ; the crisis rape-HIV nexus; the changing nature of borders; and the challenges facing megacities.

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