Lessons in Leadership: Problem Solving

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Two clips, two different approaches to problem solving. Vladimir Putin was recently filmed putting a pesky oligarch in his place (in this instance for shutting factories and denying workers their salaries). His performance makes for great agitprop. The last line in particular is a charm.

Meanwhile, over in Washington, President Obama finds that he too is struggling to make sense in a world turned upside down. The cause of his headache? A pesky fly.

Two very different problems. But both resolved with a certain ruthlessness.

One reply on “Lessons in Leadership: Problem Solving”

While Obama’s showmanship is much cooler and the one Putin displays is colder, they both must play in front of the cameras. There were some comments to an article that the document was signed three days earlier by a director of the factory, because an oligarch does not micro-manage. Anyway drama it’s more entertaining than facts

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