It’s the singularity, stupid!

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Ray Kurzweil, Photo TED
Ray Kurzweil, Photo TED

Ray Kurzweil’s talk at a recent TED convention makes compulsive viewing for anyone interested in how information technology could shape our world. Anyone unfamiliar with Kurzweil’s work would do well to pick up “The Singularity is Near“. It’s a door-stopper of a book so let me offer a potted summary that does it no justice at all: Non-biological intelligence (i.e. computers) is getting smarter. Sometime this century it will surpass biological intelligence (i.e. human beings). Should we be afraid? Not really. Much good will come of the singularity if we are wise to the challenges it brings.

I myself will be watching Terminator Salvation this weekend.

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on FORA.TV there’s “What If the Singularity Does NOT Happen?” with Vernor Vinge. i downloaded it but haven’t yet watched it.

i hear the new terminator is rather weak. Even compared with the third one

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