ISN Weekly Theme: Democracy – A Problematic Panacea

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A lot to live up to / Photo: Lori Greig,flickr
A lot to live up to / Photo: Lori Greig,flickr

Democracy is usually touted as a stabilizing force, a way to welcome a developing country, or a country that has been under the thumb of an autocratic ruler, into the global community by way of the ballot box.

But millions of dollars and lives later, that theory is being put to the test.

This week the ISN is focusing on the problems that may stem from the implementation of democracy, starting with a Special Report by Professor Gerard DeGroot, “Exporting Equality, Importing Instability.” In addition, we also speak to BBC correspondent Humphrey Hawksley about his book “Democracy Kills: What’s So Good About Having the Vote?” in our latest edition of ISN Podcasts.

Also for this week:

  • From the Digital Library, Making Elections Count from the Overseas Development Institute in London (ODI) states that voter should be aware that their power at the ballot box goes only so far.
  • ¬†

  • The Insitute for Security Studies in Pretoria, South Africa’s Democracy, Elections & Political Parties¬†discusses the role of democracy, elections and political parties in Africa, also in our Digital Library
  • ¬†

  • We highlight NCCR Democracy in our IR Directory.

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