Grave Robbin,’ Climate Talkin’ (or not) and Skipped Bills

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Photo: williac/flickr
Photo: williac/flickr

How they pulled it off, no one knows, but grave robbers managed to steal the body of former Cyprus president Tassos Papadopulous on Friday, a day before the anniversary of his death and as the islands two leaders meet yet again to attempt to hammer out a peace deal.

The hard-line Greek Cypriot died of lung cancer last year, 10 months after losing his quest to be re-elected in the first round of polling. Papadopulous was instrumental in calling for Greek Cypriots to reject a UN-sponsored peace deal in 2004 that would have paved the way for island reunification.

According to reports, the thieves managed to lift a 250kg stone covering the grave, dig down to the corpse and steal it.

This happened as Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat and Greek Cypriot leader Dimitris Christofias start the latest in a line of meetings to work out a reunification plan, this time, with ‘The Elders.’

Three suspects were questioned and released.

Just goes to show literally how low folks can go.

In other news: Depending on who you read, developing nations are either threatening to walk out of the Copenhagen talks or have already done so.

The NY Times says:

“Jairam Ramesh, the chief negotiator for India, said that the Group of 77 developing countries had staged the temporary walkout because their representatives had grown frustrated with how conference leaders had been conducting negotiations.”

Update (16:41): Le Temps says they’re back. Thanks Jonas!

By the way, Tyler Brule has an excellent op-ed in the FT on consumer ‘eco’ fatigue.

And last but not least: A Genovese hotel is reportedly suing Al-Saadi Gaddafi for skipping out on a EUR 300,000 bill. Muammar’s son is on the town’s soccer football team.

Good luck with that.

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