Climate Change Skeptics: Any Room at the Inn?

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Photo: Candie N/flickr
Photo: Candie N/flickr
In his article, “Unsettling Climate Change,” ISN Security Watch correspondent Simon Roughneen details the controversy over the emails released by a hacker that seem to hint at collusion in suppressing questions about global warming science.

Roughneen stresses that “while the emails do not automatically mean that Cassandra climate change scenarios are without foundation, they do add credence to the view that the science is far from ‘settled.’ The scientists implicated in the emails say as much themselves.”

The idea of global warming seems to have been settled, regardless of whether the science has. Indeed, it seems that anyone daring to raise any questions in an attempt to further educate themselves about a complex issue are branded “anti-environmentalist,” unconcerned about pressing climate and environmental issues. This is unfair.

The release of the emails has done two things: It has shown that not even the ‘experts’ understand the complexities of climate change; and has cleared a path for skeptics, which, like it or not, foments healthy debate.

Wait, it has done three: It has shown that there was an actual effort by academics to squash debate, an action that is anathema to academia itself.

Hopefully the fallout from ‘climategate’ will involve a rethink on how the discussion about climate change – note that I said the discussion about climate change and not climate change itself – can go forward in an intelligent manner, without talking down, screaming or cooking the data books. Hopefully it will signal a turn to thoughtful debate instead of having the UK prime minster, for the most part, terming those who dare to question blathering idiots.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter which side shouts the loudest. Mother Earth will always have the last word.

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