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ISN Weekly Theme: Natural Disasters

Manila flooding / Photo: rembcc, flickr
Manila flooding / Photo: rembcc, flickr

With flooding in the Phlippines from Typhoon Parma and another system, Typhoon Marla, bearing down on East and Southeast Asia, severe weather events are again in the news, making this week’s focus at the ISN on natural disasters all the more pertinent.

And even though one can’t say if these are the direct result of climate change, many wonder if staving off the effects, such as hurricanes, is possible through man-made means: geoengineering. Dr Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Department of Global Ecology at Stanford tells us in the latest edition of ISN Podcasts that human intervention should be the last resort.

And as always, keeping checking back during the week for updated features.


Climate Change – No Concern to the Poor?

Amanda Graham / flickr
Photo: Amanda Graham / flickr

It is said that – besides polar bears – the negative effects of global warming will hit the poor the most. But two recent articles I read suggest that climate change is of little concern to the poor; rather, it is a concern of the well-off who can afford to worry about melting ice caps (and their furry white residents).