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Strategic Trends 2020: China, the US, and World Order

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On 28 May 2020, Dr Jack Thompson, former Head of the Global Security Team at the CSS and currently a Senior Strategic Analyst at The Hague Centre for Security Studies, presented his chapter on “China, the US, and World Order” from Strategic Trends 2020.  This video is a recording of the event, which forms the fourth part of the CSS Brown Bag Webinar series.

In his talk, Thompson discussed the origins and nature of competition between China and the US, including factors such as US decline, ideology, and domestic politics. Three key points outlined by Thompson include 1) that US-China competition is likely to be a long-term feature of global affairs; 2) this competition is damaging most of the key pillars of the rules-based international order; and 3) US-China competition is a particular concern for Europe. He also argued that European policymakers should act more assertively in defending their interests and values.

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