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Christians in the Middle East

Domes of St. Mark Church in Cairo, Egypt, courtesy of Bakar_88

The situation for Christians in the Middle East is difficult and increasingly precarious. From Morocco to Egypt and Iraq, they have come under pressure either from governments or from Islamic groups. The latest dramatic event happened this weekend, when a Christian church was attacked in Iraq by a group linked to al-Qaida, killing at least 50 people.

It’s worth reviewing the situation in some of the Middle Eastern states with sizable and historical Christian communities: » More

ISN Insights: Look Back, Week Ahead

A new week, a new month, photo: Leo Reynolds/flickr

Last week, ISN Insights examined China’s foreign relations in more detail:

This week, we’ll be looking at the following topics: US mid-term elections, the Israel-Syria-Hezbollah triangle, the African National Congress, and China-Burma relations in the run-up to Burma’s impending elections.

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