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ISN Launches New Service – ISN Insights

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Today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new editorial service – ISN Insights – designed to provide you with daily in-depth analysis of the most critical international trends and events of our day.

ISN Insights will provide you with original ISN analyses, expert commentaries and comprehensive backgrounders on the hot-button and underreported issues shaping our world in the 21st century. Written by well-established and up-and-coming researchers, academics, policymakers and specialized journalists, ISN Insights represents a diversity of voices on international and security issues that do not necessarily receive proper attention in traditional media outlets.

ISN Insights merges the best of our two established editorial products – ISN Security Watch and ISN Special Reports – into a streamlined, one-stop shop for international affairs and security coverage. Like ISN Security Watch, ISN Insights will continue to provide you with daily editorial updates – publishing an original ISN article Monday through Thursday, complemented by a Friday ISN Podcast interview with a leading expert in the field. In addition, in-depth articles on macro trends and events of international relevance will also be regularly featured, as we have long done with ISN Special Reports.

But that’s not all: Like ISN Special Reports did before it, ISN Insights offers you a package of information, combining an original article with our extensive digital library holdings on the topic. And this package is now available each and every day – providing you with an unprecedented breadth and depth of coverage of the issues that matter most to you.

One element of our editorial agenda hasn’t changed, however: Our commitment to providing you with the expert insights that help keep you abreast of the most pressing international relations and security topics of our day.

Keyword in Focus: Latvia

Riga rooftops, photo: GotPhil/flickr

This Saturday, Latvia will hold its first parliamentary elections after suffering the deepest recession in the EU last year. The vote could well determine whether the small Baltic state with its 2 million inhabitants will remain on track for entry into the eurozone in 2014.

A recent poll has found that the ruling center-right coalition government of Valdis Dombrovkis still has a slim chance of remaining in power. The government has managed to stabilize the economy with an IMF and EU- backed austerity program.

However, uncertainty remains due to an expected strong showing by the left-leaning Harmony Center party, a Russian-speaking opposition minority group, which hopes that anger over the austerity measures will win it most votes and a possible place in government for the first time since the country regained independence 20 years ago.

Explore our holdings on Latvia, our keyword in focus. Some highlights include:

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