New ISN publication: OSINT Report 1/2010

OSINT Report 1/2010
OSINT Report 1/2010

We’ve just released our first Open Source Intelligence report, OSINT Report 1/2010, written by ISN Head of Communications and External Affairs Felix Juhl, ISN Open Source Intelligence Analyst Florian Schaurer and ISN Head of OSINT Chris Pallaris.

OSINT Report 1/2010 covers topics such as long-term data retention, automatic translation, interactive analytics, intelligence validation and verification regimes, stratetic forecasting and information abundance. It presents key challenges and suggestions on how to best master them.

You can download OSINT Report 1/2010 here.


Our Business: Trafficking Weapons, Delivering Aid

What’s transported in this cargo plane? Weapons? Humanitarian aid? Or both? / photo: tz1_1zt, flickr

The global transport industry plays a crucial role in conflict economies. Ethical Cargo, a new information portal by one of our partners, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), sheds light on this role and helps donors to choose the right companies when giving out contracts.

An earlier study by SIPRI showed that 90 percent of air transport companies engaged in weapons, drugs or precious minerals trafficking have also received contracts to deliver humanitarian aid or peacekeeping equipment.

“Air transportation has played a key role in fuelling the war economies that have devastated much of Africa in recent decades,” Hugh Griffiths and Mark Bromley write in their paper. They urge the EU and its member states to “deny humanitarian aid, peace support, stability operations and defence logistics supply chain contracts to air transport companies engaged in destabilizing or illicit commodity flows, in particular the transfer of SALW [small arms and light weapons].”

To support this, Ethical Cargo was launched, namely to help the “humanitarian aid and peace-support communities implement effective conflict-sensitive logistics and ethical transportation policies.” The website offers an emergency 24-hour hotline, a database, model codes of conduct, best practices and contract negotiation techniques.

People working for organizations engaged in humanitarian aid or peace-support can register and use the services freely.


ISN Weekly Theme: Social Resilience

Basketball bouncing
Can society bounce back after catastrophe? Photo: Kristin/flickr

In a new millennium that must face complex, transnational challenges ranging from climate disruption to cyberwar, averting disaster is not always an option. How then can society quickly rebound from unavoidable disruptions to its social fabric? Social resilience helps guide us toward a sustainable answer.

This ISN Special Report contains the following content:

  • Jamais Cascio’s Analysis outlines a vision for the resilient society of the future.
  • In our Podcast interview Jennifer Giroux discusses the concept of resilience in light of the Iceland volcano eruption, particularly the impact of social media and the private vs public sector relationship.
  • A Security Watch article about “The Complexity of Social Resilience” by Professor Norman Vasu of the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies.
  • Publications housed in our Digital Library, like the Center for Security Studies’ policy brief, “Resilience: A Tool for Preparing and Managing Emergencies.”
  • Links to relevant websites, among them the UN’s International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.
  • Our IR Directory with relevant organizations, such as the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, which provides a research outlet for ‘non-traditional’ security studies, like social resilience.

ICGS Summer Course

Lake Geneva
A nice place for a break between classes, photo: Kev Allen/flickr

The International Centre for Geopolitical Studies is accepting applications for its 6th annual summer course, 12-17 July in Geneva. Students will be introduced to the basic concepts of geopolitical analysis and attend lectures by held by leading international experts. For more information on the course, including tuition and how to apply, check out the ICGS website.

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The ISN Quiz: IPR – Help or Hindrance?

What do you know about intellecutal property rights? Find out in this week’s quiz and make sure to check out our special report: IPR – Help or Hindrance?